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TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, and CLEAR are the three hidden weapons seasoned travelers use to breeze through airport security and minimize the inconvenience of screenings. NEXUS provides comparable quick service for land border crossings between the U.S. and Canada. Each is intended to ease travel, but they operate in different ways.


At domestic U.S. airports, TSA PreCheck offers dedicated lanes and quicker screening. International visitors can enter the United States more quickly because of Global Entry, which also offers TSA PreCheck.

What distinguishes the other Trusted Traveler programs from Global Entry, TSA PreCheck, and Global Entry?


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Trusted Traveler Programs include TSA PreCheck and Global Entry. TSA PreCheck offers quicker security screening benefits for flights leaving from American airports. Global Entry offers faster customs processing for international air travelers entering the US.


TSA PreCheck benefits are also included for Global Entry members as part of their membership. To satisfy the eligibility requirements and choose the right program, we suggest you learn more about the various DHS trusted traveler programs before you apply, such as Global Entry, NEXUS, or SENTRI.


Consider joining Global Entry if you travel abroad four or more times per year. TSA PreCheck is a fantastic option for domestic travelers who make up to four overseas flights yearly. Use the interactive DHS Trusted Traveler Tool to learn more about the Trusted Traveler Programs.

Eligibility for Global Entry


You must be an American citizen or lawful permanent resident to be eligible for Global Entry. You may learn more about the conditions for foreign applications and if residents of particular countries can apply.


A parent or legal guardian’s permission is required for participants under 18 in Global Entry.

How to apply for Global Entry?


A Global Entry application and a $100 fee must be submitted. If you use, y must be submitted and might be eligible for fee reimbursement. For instance, the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card provides a statement credit of up to $100 every four years toward a Global Entry application.

What is TSA PreCheck?



The government-run TSA PreCheck service enables users to bypass the regular airport security line. Travelers who use these designated lanes go through a less invasive airport security check than regular passengers.


Members walk through metal detectors at airport security rather than full-body scanners and are permitted to wear shoes and light jackets. They can also leave their computers and 3-1-1 liquids in their checked luggage or carry-on.


When traveling with a parent or guardian who has PreCheck, children under 12 may use the PreCheck line without enrolling. However, anyone over the age of 13 must register separately.

How to apply for TSA PreCheck?


Obtaining TSA Pre-Check is not difficult as long as you have been deemed a low-risk traveler and have no criminal history. You submit your application, are accepted, and quickly pass airport security.


You can apply online, but you’ll need to make an appointment to visit one of the precheck application locations. You will be fingerprinted and required to produce a birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license.


The $85 fee can be paid at the center with a credit card, money order, certified check, or company check. It is valid for five years. Your final stage entails getting a Known Passenger Number (KPN), after which you can check your Pre-Check standing online whenever you choose.


When you book flights using your KPN, your Pre-Check status will appear on your boarding pass, allowing you to use the fast-track security line.

Where can TSA PreCheck be used?

With 83 member airlines, TSA PreCheck is accessible at more than 200 airports across the United States. No international airport destinations exist because this program is primarily for domestic use.

Benefits of using TSA PreCheck


The benefits of using TSA PreCheck are:


  • Accelerated screening process
  • The more practical screening process
  • Widespread adoption
  • Superior to CLEAR


What is CLEAR?

Source; The Points Guy


To speed up airport scans, a privately run technology called CLEAR substitutes your fingerprints and eyes for standard ID. You can’t avoid taking off your shoes, pulling out your laptop, and taking out liquids from your baggage at security because it doesn’t include TSA PreCheck. You must sign up for CLEAR and TSA PreCheck if you also want the TSA PreCheck advantages.


For travelers with TSA PreCheral, airports have a separate CLEAR checkpoint or direct them to the appropriate security line. Children may utilize the service when traveling with a registered adult, even if CLEAR registration is only available to adults over 18.

Closing Thoughts


When returning from a foreign trip, Global Entry can assist you in avoiding waiting around for a lengthy period. If you frequently travel abroad, enrolling in Global Entry could save you time, even if it costs $100 and necessitates an in-person interview. Once you’ve determined that Global Entry is the best option, there are a few ways to save money and expedite the approval process.


Furthermore, TravelLuxCurator is an online platform that can answer all your queries, provide information regarding TSA passports and Global Entry, and helps you travel around the globe without hassle.

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